Tell stories about your products
the way for eCommerce to enhance customers experience through fast-loading, mobile-focused, and visually rich stories about the products
Why does eCommerce need web stories?
Attract Attention
Images, videos, animations or a combination of all those elements - immersive full-screen stories work as a magnet for your potential customers
Boost Conversions
High load speed and ability to invite users to the product page with a single tap significantly reduce losses of customers on their way to purchase
Defeat Competitors
The relative youth of technology allows your business to be at the forefront of web stories implementing and gain an additional competitive advantage
... if you start using AMP before your competitors, you'll differentiate yourself as a frontrunner in your industry. Why? Because Web Stories can help you tell stories, and storytelling is powerful.
How to use it?

You can share these fascinating stories about your products anywhere across the web.
Find out more Web Stories use cases for eCommerce on our blog.
To improve marketing campaigns
Use web stories as interactive and engaging mobile landing pages to convert more visitors from Google / Social media Ads.

Place embedded stories on the websites of your partners and affiliates and catch more users' attention.
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To increase organic traffic
Web stories, posted on your website, will be shown in Google search results as big, eye-catching images.

It will make your store stand out from the competitors and arouse users' interest. As a result, your store will have more visitors .
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To maximize product pages conversions
Make your product pages more enthralling by using web stories for:
  • product benefits presentation
  • new offers descriptions
  • related products recommendations
  • any other promotions
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AMP can create a faster and overall better user experience on e-commerce sites. Faster and better can, of course, lead to more conversions. Google is consistently making updates to improve this feature as well.
Natalie Hoben, Digital Marketing Specialist at Forthea Interactive
Why Product Stories?
Fast and Easy
Transformation of your products' information into engaging stories on the web is happening automatically
Fully customizable
You can choose any template you like and manifest all of your ideas to make your stories most effective
High quality
Our team has 7 years of expertise in eCommerce development and a strong understanding of marketing goals
The opportunity of integration with any platform
Improve your business performance
with Product Stories
Create your first product story right now 👇
  • * Access to the tool for the manual stories generation
  • * Up to 10 stories
  • * 10 templates
  • * General tips in our emails
  • Just Sign Up and use our web app for creating stories!
  • * Custom integration with your eCommerce platform
  • * Unlimited number of stories
  • * Unique templates based on your brand book
  • * Custom domain
  • * Integration with Google Analytics
  • * Maintenance & support
How it works
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Initial Integration
We do all those things from our agreement in terms specified in it. We may cooperate with your teams in some cases
When the initial implementation of stories is over, we offer you our services for its maintenance and further development
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