Achieve More With a Highly Effective Customer Re-Engagement Tool
Push2Calendar: your events in customers' iPhones
Emails get lost in spam, and their open rate drops. Customers are reluctant to leave contact information for communication in messengers. Retargeting forces to pay twice. And even if all of these channels work well for you, you are missing out on customers who forget about you in the whirlwind of information overload...

Remind them about yourself more efficiently with native push notifications
Push2Calendar add your events to the calendar app, pre-installed on each iPhone
gain a new communication channel
wherever your customer is, you can reach him with a push notification. Even offline. Moreover, their conversion rate is 30 times higher compared to emails
save time and resources
Push2Calendar offers you native push notifications with the easiest possible integration and automated event synchronization
improve multiple business metrics in one fell swoop
as studies show, such notifications can increase customer return by 20%, repeat purchases by 30%, and also significantly raise LTV and engagement
3 steps to better re-engagement
There's no need to develop and promote your own application to show native push notifications. Get started with Push2Calendar without any programming efforts!
create your calendar
add all the events to your Google calendar, and don't worry: you can edit it at any time and it will update automatically for everyone
integrate subscription widget
just set your timing and copy & paste the ready code of the convenient bottom sheet to your website
enjoy growing metrics
anonymous user-friendly mechanics ensure a high subscription rate. Each subscriber is notified of any updates automatically
Experience is worth a thousand words
Built for solopreneurs and marketers in various niches
No matter how big the business is, Push2Calendar will suit your needs thanks to its affordable price and easy integration
remind customers about sales, giveaways, or new arrivals
let them know about new webinars, classes, conferences
promote upcoming community meetings, concerts, etc.
Choose your plan
Push2Calendar is still young, and we plan to add many more features to it. We are grateful to everyone who purchases it now, and therefore we guarantee that this price will remain the same for all future updates
Professional (monthly)
unlimited subscribers
unlimited calendars
unlimited users
$29 / month
Professional (yearly)
unlimited subscribers
unlimited calendars
unlimited users

2 Months Free!
$299 / year
unlimited subscribers
unlimited calendars
unlimited users
integration with your CRM
triggers & UI customization

Expand your premium audience reach in a simple and affordable way
The median iPhone user's income is 40 percent higher than the median Android phone user + iPhone users engage more on apps
Push2Calendar is a highly effective customer re-engagement tool that uses native push notifications to improve business' metrics